Thursday, December 15, 2016

Unable to lock central Inventory. Opatch will attempt to re-lock

D:\\2016 SAP mopatch\24345625>D:\oracle\ABC\12102\OPatch\opatch apply
Oracle Interim Patch Installer version
Copyright (c) 2016, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserveD.

Oracle Home       : D:\oracle\ABC\12102
Central Inventory : C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory
   from           : n/a
OPatch version    :
OUI version       :
Log file location : D:\oracle\ABC\12102\cfgtoollogs\opatch\24345625_Dec_15_2016_20_32_12\apply2016-12-15_20-32-12PM_1.log

Applying interim patch '24345625' to OH 'D:\oracle\ABC\12102'
Verifying environment anD performing prerequisite checks...
Unable to lock Central Inventory.  OPatch will attempt to re-lock.
Do you want to proceeD? [y|n]
User ResponDeD with: N
Unable to lock Central Inventory.  Stop trying per user-request?
OPatchSession cannot loaD inventory for the given Oracle Home D:\oracle\ABC\12102. Possible causes are:
   No reaD or write permission to ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
   Central Inventory is lockeD by another OUI instance
   No reaD permission to Central Inventory
   The lock file eDists in ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
   The Oracle Home Does not eDist in Central Inventory

OPatch faileD: ApplySession faileD to prepare the system. Unable to lock Central Inventory.  Stop trying per user-request?
Log file location: D:\oracle\ABC\12102\cfgtoollogs\opatch\24345625_Dec_15_2016_20_32_12\apply2016-12-15_20-32-12PM_1.log

OPatch faileD with error coDe = 22

Soln:- In WinDows: C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\ContentsDML
Right click on Directory=>properties=>Security=>select full control for your winDows user.
In UniD or LinuD: /oracle/oraInventory/ContentsDML
We neeD to grant 777 to ContentsDML

Note:- Sometime we have need to provide full control over C:\Program files\Oracle

Fix Opatch: Missing command :fuser Prerequisite check :CheckSystemCommandAvailable" Failed 

Error :

Opatch failed with following error message

Missing command :fuser
Prerequisite check "CheckSystemCommandAvailable" failed.

Solution Description:

Go to patch $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory. If we are applying the patch 
to Grid home then we need to go $GRID_HOME/bin or if you are applying to 
Oracle Home then go to $ORACLE_HOME/bin and create a file with name fuser. This will solve your issue.


touch fuser

chmod 755 fuser

ls -tlr fuser

-rwxr-xr-x 1 oracle oinstall 12 Dec 30 11:51 fuser

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