Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Find out CPU usage for each session

Below query will be useful to find out CPU usage for each session.

select nvl(ss.USERNAME,'ORACLE USER') username, se.SID, VALUE cpu_usage
from v$session ss, v$sesstat se, v$statname sn
and NAME like '%CPU used by this session%'
and se.SID = ss.SID
order by VALUE desc;

Sample Output:
USERNAME                              SID  CPU_USAGE
------------------------------ ---------- ----------
ORACLE USER                           851    2669184
SAPSR3                                      105     913083
SAPSR3                                      1103     897442
SAPSR3                                      359     840508
SAPSR3                                       956     805579
ORACLE USER                           901     738631

USERNAME - Name of the user
SID - Session id
CPU Usage - CPU centi-seconds used by this session (divide by 100 to get real CPU seconds)

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