Friday, March 27, 2020

Unregistered Database From RMAN Catalog

If we need to unregister database from recovery catalog so we have two option-

1> Need to connect from target server and using RMAN easily we can unregister.

2> Suppose in a case if we dont have database(someone dropped) and we need to clear this from             rman catalog server then


Connect to rman catalog server, then connect to rman user or whatever is catalog user we have then do needful as below.

SQL>  Conn rman/rman

       Below is the query by which we will get command which we need to execute, so we need to    pass DB_NAME in my case DB_NAME is TEST.

SQL> select 'EXECUTE dbms_rcvcat.unregisterdatabase('||db_key||','||dbid||');' FROM                           rc_database WHERE name in('TEST') ;

EXECUTE dbms_rcvcat.unregisterdatabase(36631376,3102016920);

SQL> select db_key,DBID,NAME from rc_database where name='TEST';

    DB_KEY       DBID NAME
---------- ---------- --------
  36631376 3102016920 TEST

SQL>EXECUTE dbms_rcvcat.unregisterdatabase(36631376,3102016920);

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

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